Due to rapid technological progress in the 21st century, we are advancing at a mind blowing rate. Research findings and evidences show that many of these are already beginning to happen but will be full blown by 2025.

This is what our world will look like in less than 5 years time:

1) Solar panels will beat fossil fuels in energy output to become the worlds largest energy. Researchers from Thomas and Reuters confirmed this through the discovery of new and modernized materials which help solar panels absorb much more sunlight even in cloudy days.

2) Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality will become the main thing and every one will use it in 5 years.  Eg you could check out and test products or do a whole tour of a hotel before selecting a room via AR/VR

3) Advancements in Identity. Microchips embedded in skin instead or paper or plastic ID. Implants will improve the function of internal organs.

4) Petrol Powered cars will become a fading memory as Electric Vehicles and hydrogen cars will push ICE cars out of the market. Solar powered cars will also emerge. Imagine charging your car on the go.

5) Internet of Things (IOT) will be omnipresent – Smart Homes, Snart offices, whole smart buildings. Everything will be connected to everything else.

6) Learning and studying will be made easier using AR. For instance at Renewable Energy Technology Training Institute (RETTI) which teaches Solar Power Systems Design and installation could have students learn remotely using AR tech and with the help of simulations actually install a solar system without being present. People can learn driving using AR driving lesson simulations.

7) Plastics will be a thing of the past as biodegradable packaging options which look like plastics will come on board.
Teleportation and time travel will become real

8) Agricultural advancements as not crops can be grown inside and there will be efficient utilization of resources for more yield.

9) Internet will become truly global. Only 3B people have constant access to the web, the rest 5B have limited access or none at all. Google, Facebook and SpaceX are working on this now.
10) Global Traffic Jams will be solved via driverless and flying cars 🚗 and everyone will be able to do things on time.

11) Robots will take over most menial jobs. However, some of the robots will require human assistance to function and hence more people could gain employment (this is to diffuse the statement that robots will steal all jobs).

12) 5G internet connection will become the norm and will allow all kinds of things to be done faster Eg with 4g you will download a movie in 1 hr. with 5G you will do that in just seconds.

13) Blockchain will become the preferred method for transferring money because it will get rid off the middle man. Eg if you’re sending money to a normal bank account, the bank will track your transaction and even impose a penalty if it thinks something is suspicious. With Blockchain no one knows about your operations. You know your money is always in your hands. As you may already know, Bitcoin and crypto currencies are blockchain based.

14) Entertainment will grow more diverse with growth of space tourism – Elon Musk and Richard Branson are getting set to launch the first space tours.

15) Advancements will be noted in medicine as doctors will find major treatments and cure for the worlds health issues which include Alzheimers, AIDS, diabetes and other conditions that plague humans.

Does these sound interesting? WOW. I am particularly thrilled bout number 1 where solar energy will beat fossil fuels and number four where electric and solar powered cars will be the main thing. Solar energy is the future of energy and electricity and NOW is the time to key into the sector. You can start by joining our in person training program on the 16th of August on Solar Power System Design and Installation, you can also take this train89ing online HERE.