RETTI Solar Panel Factory

The Renewable Energy Technology Training Institute (RETTI) is excited to present a new subsidiary – The RETTI Solar Panel Factory which belongs to the people. You can now buy your solar panels from this unique factory.

Green Energy Output

80% Increased!

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Africa’s Solar Power Potential

RETTI Solar Panel Factory

The RETTI Solar Panel Factory was established to bridge a gap in Africas manufacturing divide but importantly, empower youth with the skill. 70% of materials used at this solar factory are made in Nigeria, therefore local businesses experience a boost within this value chain.  

Africa’s Solar Power Potential

Africa has the strongest solar potential in the world. Africa houses 60% of the entire world’s solar capacity. This means that means that Africa could take a lead in the space of solar power technology for electricity generation. For this to be done – Africa must explore its solar manufacturing capabilities.

The Inspiration

The inspiration to create this solar panel factory for the people came after the successful assembling of a fully functional 100w and 50w solar panels one year ago (October 2022) – where we trained 25 youths from an electricity deficient community to make and install solar panels who were then mandated to take that electricity they created to all households and businesses without access within the area. The project was a success as 28% of trainees started solar ventures and distributing electricity locally and 40% others perform installation jobs often mainly as a side business activity.

First set of 200w, 100w and 50w panels:

See images from the production of the first set of 200w, 100w and 50w panels

RETTI Solar Panel Factory

The factory works to employ local workers to

Decade-long Expertise, Premium Quality, Ecological Focus,Custom-Tailored Solutions, and Unwavering Support

1. Cut and shape the frame
2. Shape, cut the tempered glass
3. Prepare and connect cables to the junction boxes

4. Frame the solar panels
5. Test the solar panels

Nigeria as a Solar Manufacturing Hub

We strongly recognise that there’s a need to promote energy access in Africa – but that will not happen if we keep importing solar panels made by machines, the very technology that should change the situation. 93 million Nigerians are without electricity access. 50 % percent of who are youths. We can promote access faster if the people themselves who feel this lack of electricity in various communities, especially youths are given the tools of trade and training needed to change their own fortune. This project will hand over the power to the hands of the people by involving them in the process of creating new solar panels that will light up their communities. Our strategy ensures speedy energy transition through the “faster” adoption of solar energy as medium, because the more the people are involved, the more they understand the technology, then the more they customise it and the faster they accept and adopt it.

The factory tests the solar panels with locally acquired meters as follows;

The factory patronises local businesses for: