An initiative established to promote the intervention of renewable energy in Nigeria especially solar


In less than 2 years, we have trained 150 Nigerians as solar installers and Engineers and provided mentorship and internship to enable them to establish through our Growth Support Plan initiative (read about it here: https://retti.com.ng/the-gsp/) with the support, 45 of them have created their own viable solar businesses, and 25 have been employed in solar Companies (15 as full employees and 10 as interns).

Please read their testimonials here by scrolling down the page: www.retti.com.ng. Collectively, our alumni have provided up to 70, 000 KVA of solar electricity to 1053 homes and Businesses offsetting 720, 000 tonnes of C02 and have employed 50 new persons. Please read what beneficiaries have written about the quality of our training: bit.ly/retti-reviews.

We have created a tech platform REEN Connect (Renewable-energy Engineers and Entrepreneurs Connect) to provide support for solar engineers and entrepreneurs across Nigeria. At this time we have 400 members and we provide weekly and monthly resources and free training such as webinars seminars where we invite speakers to talk on subject matters that affect them as they try to deploy their solutions. Read about the REEN Connect: https://retti.com.ng/reen-connect/