To ensure that trainees hone their acquired skill, we have established the Growth Support Plan, an after support platform for the graduates at no extra cost. Through the GSP, they receive constant support, internship opportunities, on-site engagements, opportunities for grants, fellowships, access to expert coaching to qualify for grants and advisory from professionals to help them start and grow their businesses and be employable in a solar company.

The Growth Support Plan is an action program of Solar Up Nigeria – RETTI’s Coporate Social Initiative working to train, groom and mentor individuals at no cost to be efficient solar entrepreneurs equipped to provide sustainable solutions to energy demands in their communities or serve as a competent pool of workforce for the renewable energy industry. An action which will boost Nigeria’s economic development through the creation of jobs and increased access to affordable electricity.

Empowering women in STEM

ADDITIONALLY, we recently secured an amazing partnership with the RENEWABLE ENERGY ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA (REAN), Nigeria’s foremost recognized association for renewable energy practicioners. our trained alumni get a 70 percent discount to join the association. They have included a portal for all RETTI students. Check the portal HERE

Success Stories

Through the GSP, about 20 members of Alumni have started commercially viable businesses


Meet Mr Ndubuisi T. Moses. After his training, he was mentored and then automatically received access to the Growth Support Plan through which he received guidance, access to professional engagement, opportunities in the sector and detailed support which enabled him set up his business AFRIQSOLAR through which he’s already providing solar product sales and installation services. Read about AFRIQSOLAR.

Meet Enoch Momodu. A former banker. After his training, he was inducted into the alumni association and automatically gains access to the Growth Support Plan through which he has received guidance, proffessional advisory and support for how to start his renewable energy business. Through this support, he has now established his company – ASKO SOLAR and ELECTRICAL SERVICES ENTERPRISE. And has vowed to spread the good news to his former bank and help connect them via solar.

Meet Mr Rabiu Musa, an intelligent engineer with a goal to electricity challenges in his community. His goal is to intergrate solar solution into electrical services thereby offering a complete and better package to his customers. Rabiu was the best in his class during his training stream and through the Growth Support Plan he has established his buisness A+CRYSTAL ENERGY ENGINEERING LTD
We are empowering women to join the STEM. Meet Ms Chimuanya Ibeh, a Lawyer who joined our training. She had deep interest in the business aspect of renewable energy technology and how solar applications could help curb energy poverty. During the training all participants are charged to identify their target market. She Identified women who own shops and sell at night in her community as her target market. She has been guided through the Growth Support Plan to set up her small business CLEAN ENERGY TRUST SERVICES. She hopes to empower women in her community.

We are very proud of Mr Sunday Alome and especially celebrate him. He was a Soldier but after learning about the enormous opportunities that abound in the solar sector, he attended our training to gain more knowledge. After his training, he was guided through the Gowth support plan where he received specified training on the business proceess, product suppliers etc, he has established his small business – ALO-TECH SOLAR WORLD and has vowed to spread the good news of solar to his fellow military community.
Abraham has been a very dedicated member of alumni who is very serious about excelling and making money through the renewable energy space. His business concept is creating change and improving standards of living through the IoT integrated with solar and renewable energy solutions. He was guided and is the first recipient of the Growth Support Plan mentorship with an established solar expert who consults for an international organiztion. Through mentorship, guidance and support received through the Growth Support Plan, he has set up his business – ULTRATEC INTERGRATED SERVICES.

Four alumni members have been assisted to gain employment with established solar firms

We are raising the next generation of renewable energy entrepreneurs to provide solution to energy problems in Nigeria

Ten alumni members are currently being mentored by renewable energy and business experts