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We believe that men and women should have equal opportunities for employment in the clean energy sector. Therefore, we are involved in preparing more women for the renewable energy sector as solar designers, installers and engineers. Women are under represented in the energy sector, our goal is to train and mentor more women to be skilled for jobs in the sector as employees or to drive solutions for the market as solar entrepreneurs.

We have partnered with BFA Foundation to provide scholarships for women to join our training course on – Solar PV Systems Design and Installation – coming up on 25th – 29th November.

Specifically, we are looking to fund women who’d like to gain the skills to be competent for employment in the solar industry ie. to work as a solar designer or installer for a solar company.

Interested women should apply here;

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  1. I’m a Mechatronist and a male at 30+ age, highly interested in your course. I plead for a consideration for a male like me.

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